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Beauty and special make-up

Prosthetics and make-up products for horror characters. Face and body paints, horror scars...
Nails and eyelashes in fantasy and horror themes as well as for basic and party make-ups. Lots of beautiful eyelashes of Ardell and Grimas.
Mustaches and beards for old and fantasy characters, Santa Claus, wizards etc.

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  • Mehron Mask Cover

    Mehron Mask Cover

    From Special Price 7.50 €

    Regular Price: 12.50 €

    Mehron’s ricin oil based Mask Cover is intended to makeup p...
    On Sale
  • Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ 40 g

    Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ 40 g

    From Special Price 10.14 €

    Regular Price: 16.90 €

    Mehron Paradise Makeup face and body paintings are...
    On Sale
  • Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ™ 7 g

    Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ™ 7 g

    From Special Price 4.50 €

    Regular Price: 7.50 €

    Mehron Paradise Makeup face and body paintings are water-based co...
    On Sale
  • Mehron 3-Color Makeup Palette

    Mehron 3-Color Makeup Palette

    From Special Price 5.34 €

    Regular Price: 8.90 €

    Mehron's three-colour makeup palette contains three cream-based m...
    On Sale
  • Mehron Color Cup

    Mehron Color Cup

    From Special Price 3.90 €

    Regular Price: 6.50 €

    Mehron's Color Cups are fat-based, really&nbs...
    On Sale
  • Mehron ProFACE Gala Competition

    Mehron ProFACE Gala Competition

    From Special Price 5.94 €

    Regular Price: 9.90 €

    ProFACE Gala Competition makeup cream has a very smooth texture t...
    On Sale
  • Vampyyri-meikkisetti sisältäen kolme eri tuotetta

    Vampire Lady Makeup Set

    Special Price 19.90 €

    Regular Price: 24.70 €

    With this makeup kit, that includes three different Mehron profes...
    On Sale
  • Moon Glow Face & Body Paint

    Moon Glow Face & Body Paint

    From 2.90 €
    A really handy little tub of water-soluble Moon Glow face/body pa...
  • Diamond FX Palette Skintones

    Diamond FX Palette Skintones

    24.90 €
    A six colors palette of Diamond FX paints in skin colors. The siz...
  • Mehron 5-Color Makeup Palette

    Mehron 5-Color Makeup Palette

    From Special Price 7.74 €

    Regular Price: 12.90 €

    This Mehron five-color makeup palette contains five cream-based b...
    On Sale
  • Kryolan Supracolor Clown White - face/body paint

    Kryolan Supracolor Clown White

    From 6.90 €
    Supracolor Clown White is a cream make-up preparation that has pr...
  •  Kryolan Make-Up Blend for cream foundation

    Kryolan Make-Up Blend

    15.90 €
    Make-up Blend supports application properties of cream foundation...

Items 1 to 36 of 297 total

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