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Bats, mice, rats, birds

Cats, mice, rats, bats, birds and other animal friends. ;-) With these "cute" creatures, you can complete your look or just pet them. A witch may like to have rats, bats and a cat. Gothic people surely want a black raven on the shoulder. And a student of the wizard school must have an owl, of course.

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  • Inflatable flamingo

    Inflatable flamingo

    6.50 €
    This cute and jolly pink flamingo is perfect as decoration in the...
  • Inflatable cat

    Inflatable cat

    6.90 €
    Charming pussycat in black and white! The perfect pet for those, ...
  • Midnight bat

    Midnight bat

    16.90 €
    This super cool bloodsucker can be placed hanging from the ceilin...
  • Furry mice, 8 pc

    Furry mice, 8 pc

    5.90 €
    Furry little mice are suitable, of course, for Halloween decorati...
  • Inflatable dog

    Inflatable dog

    6.90 €
    Oh, what a sweet little doggie! The brown inflatable dog is a per...
  • Little rat

    Little rat

    7.50 €
    A cute ;-) little grey rat - lovely and fluffy. The best friend o...
  • Owl


    14.90 €
    A beautiful owl coated with feathers. A wise friend of witch stud...
  • Paper bat

    Paper bat

    3.00 €
    This creepy looking bat with a horrible grin is perfect for any H...
  • Bats, 4 pc

    Bats, 4 pc

    2.90 €
    Four cool looking black bats in plastic. The bat is great in horr...
  • Vulture


    29.90 €
    This carcass eater looks really mean, and therefore, the vulture ...

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  • Raven/crow


    9.90 €
    This winged fits really well into the witch's pal, sitting on the...
  • Giant rat 2

    Giant rat 2

    29.90 €
    This amazing gray rat with big nails, open mouth and sharp teeth ...
  • Giant rat 1

    Giant rat 1

    29.90 €
    The horrifying, black rat with big, sharp teeth can decorate all ...
  • Parrot


    From 9.90 €
    A cute and colorful parrot is a great friend for any pirate. Two ...

14 Item(s)

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