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Bugs, bats, rats, snakes

These categories abound with all kinds of our animal friends, big and small, such as birds, rodents, reptiles, and a wide variety of insects and bugs. If you need animal decorations for your party or your character needs an animal friend, then here you can surely find suitable. :-) The witch's friend is usually a cat or a raven, the pirate's buddy is a parrot and on the wall of the caveman's home can hang some bats and even spiders weaving their cobwebs. Around Cleopatra's arm winds a snake, and the same creature whispers also to Adam's and Eve's ears about the sweetness of the forbidden fruit. For the Halloween party suit any animal that gives us cold shivers, such as rats and mice, spiders with their nets, bats, cockroaches and beetles. But the witch student trusts only in the wise owl.

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  • Inflatable flamingo

    Inflatable flamingo

    6.50 €
    This cute and jolly pink flamingo is perfect as decoration in the...
  • Parrot


    From 9.90 €
    A cute and colorful parrot is a great friend for any pirate. Two ...
  • Inflatable cat

    Inflatable cat

    6.90 €
    Charming pussycat in black and white! The perfect pet for those, ...
  • Midnight bat

    Midnight bat

    16.90 €
    This super cool bloodsucker can be placed hanging from the ceilin...
  • Furry mice, 8 pc

    Furry mice, 8 pc

    5.90 €
    Furry little mice are suitable, of course, for Halloween decorati...
  • Inflatable dog

    Inflatable dog

    6.90 €
    Oh, what a sweet little doggie! The brown inflatable dog is a per...
  • Little rat

    Little rat

    7.50 €
    A cute ;-) little grey rat - lovely and fluffy. The best friend o...
  • Owl


    14.90 €
    A beautiful owl coated with feathers. A wise friend of witch stud...
  • Paper bat

    Paper bat

    3.00 €
    This creepy looking bat with a horrible grin is perfect for any H...
  • Giant rat 1

    Giant rat 1

    29.90 €
    The horrifying, black rat with big, sharp teeth can decorate all ...
  • Giant rat 2

    Giant rat 2

    29.90 €
    This amazing gray rat with big nails, open mouth and sharp teeth ...
  • Raven/crow


    9.90 €
    This winged fits really well into the witch's pal, sitting on the...

    Out of stock

  • Vulture


    29.90 €
    This carcass eater looks really mean, and therefore, the vulture ...

    Out of stock

  • Bats, 4 pc

    Bats, 4 pc

    2.90 €
    Four cool looking black bats in plastic. The bat is great in horr...
  • Cockroaches, 6 pc

    Cockroaches, 6 pc

    4.50 €
    6 cool dark brown cockroaches in plastic. Best friends of all wit...
  • Cockroach


    0.90 €
    This disgusting-looking cockroach is suitable, of course, for Hal...
  • Bug


    From 0.90 €
    Freaky big bugs: a fly, an ant or a grasshopper.The lenght depend...
  • Beetle bugs, 6 pcs

    Beetle bugs, 6 pcs

    3.50 €
    Black small plastic bugs  which are great in every horror an...
  • Black widow spider with long legs

    Black widow spider

    16.90 €
    Very big and black spider with long legs! With this creepy black ...
  • Flamingos light garland

    Flamingos light garland

    19.90 €
    Gorgeous and lovely light garland with 10 cute pink flamingos! Th...
  • Cobweb in three colors with 5 black spiders

    Movie cobweb + 5 spiders

    From 4.90 €
    Spider net (100 grams) in three different colors with five black ...
  • Cockroach of plastic for Halloween decoration


    1.00 €
    This disgusting-looking cockroach is suitable, of course, for Hal...
  • Bugs, 100 pc

    Bugs, 100 pc

    3.90 €
    These bugs are great for Halloween decoration...
  • Flocked Spiders, 2 pc

    Flocked Spiders, 2 pc

    4.50 €
    2 realistic looking, black spiders with flock coating. Best frien...
  • White cobweb and 3 spiders for Halloween

    Movie cobweb + 3 spiders

    2.90 €
    White cobweb (50 grams) with three black spiders. Cobweb can be s...
  • Spiders, 12 pc

    Spiders, 12 pc

    3.90 €
    12 eight-legged freaks: black, flexible spiders in plastic. Best ...

    Out of stock

  • Spiders, 6 pc

    Spiders, 6 pc

    1.50 €
    Six eight-legged small freaks: 3 spiders glow in the dark and 3 b...
  • Giant spider with bendable legs

    Giant spider 1

    9.90 €
    A really big, black spider with bendable legs. The furry cute spi...
  • Furry spider with diadem and long bendable legs

    Giant spider diadem

    7.90 €
    Furry and cute spider hat. ;) The best friend of all witches and ...
  • Giant tarantula spider in brown

    Giant Tarantula

    12.90 €
    A really big, brown spider with bendable legs. Very fluffy and su...

Items 1 to 36 of 42 total

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