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Baby shower and weddings

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  • Red rose

    Red rose

    2.50 €
    A beautiful red rose with a long stem and green leaves. Great for...
  • Star Paper Plates in gold or silver color

    Paper Plates, 6 pcs

    From 2.90 €
    Small, cute paper plates are suitable e.g. for New Year's celebra...
  • Heart Foil Balloons

    Heart Foil Balloons

    From 1.90 €
    Lovely foil balloons in the form of heart. The heart foil balloon...
  • Paper Straws in gold or silver color

    Paper Straws, 10 pcs

    From 1.50 €
    Shiny paper straws are durable and beautiful. The paper straws ca...
  • Striped paper straws in white, gold and silver

    Paper Straws Striped, 10 pcs

    From 1.50 €
    Striped paper straws can be used only with cold drinks. The paper...
  • Foliopallosetti BABY, Baby Shower-juhliin sopiva koriste :)

    BABY foil balloon set

    5.90 €
    BABY foil balloon set for use in baby showers for example. The ba...
  • Cheers! cups, 6 pcs

    Cheers! cups, 6 pcs

    2.90 €
    Gold colored Cheers! cups are perfect table settings for many dif...
  • LED Balloons, 5 pcs

    LED Balloons, 5 pcs

    4.90 €
    The white LED balloons, made of natural rubber, are just the righ...
  • Number Foil Balloons 35 cm, silver

    Number Foil Balloons 35 cm, silver

    From 1.50 €
    These metallic shimmer, silver foil balloon in the form of a numb...
  • Chrome Balloons

    Chrome Balloons

    From 0.80 €
    These impressive chrome balloons are fine decorations for weekday...
  • Heart-formed soap bubble sticks, 48 pcs

    Soap Bubbles, Heart

    15.90 €
    Small, sweet "heart" soap bubbles fit nicely for weddings, Valent...
  • Glittering Disco Ball Foil balloon in silver color

    Disco Ball Foil balloon

    3.90 €
    Decorate your party with this sparkling, silver-colored disco bal...
  • Mrs & Mr Wedding Garland

    Mrs & Mr Wedding Garland

    3.90 €
    Really lovely, rose gold Mrs & Mr text garland made of card board...
  • Mini-Party Popper

    Mini-Party Popper

    From 2.90 €
    Now available a small cute version of the popular Party Popper bo...
  • Table confetti bombs

    Table confetti bombs

    From 3.90 €
    Glittering confetti bombs on the table are great in all parties: ...

Items 1 to 36 of 85 total

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