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Party and event decoration

A huge range of decoration products for all sorts of parties, events and happenings of different themes: Halloween, horror, 1st of Maj and other carnivals, Oriental events, Wild West party... Balloons, garlands, table setting and decorations, paper lanterns, flowers, flags, wall decorations and many others.

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  • LED-ilmapalloköynnös sopii kaikkiin juhliin!

    LED Balloon garland

    From 14.90 €
    Stunning balloon garland with LED lights for autumn nights, winte...
  • Balloon bag 25 pc

    Balloon bag 25 pc

    5.90 €
    More color to everybody's life! 25 colorful balloons will last fo...
  • Happy Birthday flag garland

    Happy Birthday flag garland

    3.50 €
    This colourful flag garland contains 15 flags with the red text H...
  • Balloon pump

    Balloon pump

    3.90 €
    With this balloon pump, you can fill balloons with air quickly an...
  • Eight long balloons for parties and events

    Balloon bag long balloons, 8 pc

    2.90 €
    How long can you blow? ;) Assortment of long balloons in differen...
  • Balloon bag 100 pc

    Balloon bag 100 pc

    From 15.00 €
    Balloons, lots of colorful balloons! Let's blow now! 100 balloons...
  • Water balloons 50 pc

    Water balloons 50 pc

    2.90 €
    Jolly water bombs in bright colors. The water balloons suit for a...
  • Magician's balloon bag, 100 pcs

    Magician's balloon bag, 100 pcs

    From 10.00 €
    These balloons are for making balloon animals. The Qualatex ballo...
  • Balloon bag of 10 balloons of same color

    Balloon bag 10 pc

    From 2.90 €
    Let's blow now! 10 pc balloons will last for a while. By buying t...
  • Popping paperstreamer

    Popping paperstreamer

    From 1.90 €
    This popping paperstreamer pops out gladly and definitely is grea...
  • Piñata, Donkey

    Piñata, Donkey

    19.90 €
    This cute colourful piñata donkey has big and beautiful ey...
  • Hitting Stick for Piñata

    Hitting Stick for Piñata

    3.90 €
    With this hitting stick you can smash to pieces any kind of a pi&...

Items 1 to 36 of 74 total

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