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Party and event decoration

A huge range of decoration products for all sorts of parties, events and happenings of different themes: Halloween, horror, 1st of Maj and other carnivals, Oriental events, Wild West party... Balloons, garlands, table setting and decorations, paper lanterns, flowers, flags, wall decorations and many others.

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  • Karkki tai kepponen -muffinivuoka

    Trick or Treat Cups, 6 pcs

    2.50 €
    Cool Trick or Treat paper cups suits the halloween table perfectl...
  • Bloody tablecloth

    Bloody tablecloth

    3.90 €
    A really horrifying plastic tablecloth in white with red blood tr...
  • Skeleton Hand wine glasses for Halloween

    Wine glass Skeleton Hand

    From 3.90 €
    Super gorgeous wine glass is a bit creepy, too. The foot of the g...
  • Love Cake Topper

    Love Cake Topper

    2.90 €
    Love themed decorations in cocktail sticks, perfect for example t...
  • Red Cup mugs

    Red Cups, 6 pcs

    3.50 €
    These cool Red Cup mugs are well-known from American films, teen ...
  • Pöytäliina muovinen, musta tai valkoinen

    Tablecloth, concolorous

    From 3.90 €
    A plastic disposable tablecloth for any kind of parties. The blac...

Items 1 to 36 of 61 total

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