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Present and nationals hats

Different kinds of national hats and contemporary headgears, such as sombreros and other straw hats, berets, Finland beanies, rasta caps, Alpine hats and many others. :-)

The size of a hat: measure your head circumference with a tape-measure and compare that to the measurement of the hat.

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  • Oktoberfest-hattu

    Oktoberfest hat

    8.90 €
    This fine Tyrolean hat is perfect for the Oktoberfest as well as ...
  • Sun visor in 80's style: orange, pink, blue or green

    80's Sun visor hat

    From 4.90 €
    The sun is blinding? Do you need an accessory in the style of the...
  • Flat cap in brown suits both men and women

    Flat Cap

    9.90 €
    The flat cap is fashionable! This classic flat cap in brown suits...
  • Alpine Hat in grey

    Alpine hat

    4.90 €
    A cool grey pointy Bavarian hat for yodellers and other alpine gu...
  • Graduation hat

    Graduation hat

    5.90 €
    Traditional, black graduation hat for all the students who comple...
  • Pope's hat mitre in red and gold, also for bishops

    Pope's hat

    12.90 €
    This pope's hat or mitre on your head, you surely will be heard, ...
  • Beanie Finland

    Beanie Finland

    From 7.90 €
    A supercool beanie with the text SUOMI for cold winter days and a...
  • Sombrero Mariachi

    Sombrero Mariachi

    12.90 €
    Ay, Caramba! What would Pedro, Miguel and many other Mexicans be ...
  • Fernando's Sombrero

    Fernando's Sombrero

    From 6.90 €
    These cool sombrero hats with funky colours help you to cope with...
  • Humberto's Sombrero

    Humberto's Sombrero

    6.90 €
    Ay, Caramba! What would Pedro, Miguel and many other Mexicans be ...
  • Pedro's Sombrero

    Pedro's Sombrero

    9.90 €
    This big straw sombrero in the Mexican style is great for hot con...
  • China straw hat for jungle fighters, guerrillas and summer dudes

    China hat

    4.90 €
    This one-sized straw hat suits all. Great for a jungle fighter, g...
  • Chinaman's hat with pigtail

    Chinaman's hat with pigtail

    11.90 €
    This really fine-looking Chinaman hat, coated with fabric, fit ve...
  • Reggae Cap

    Reggae Cap

    13.90 €
    A crocheted peaked cap in wool. The peak is stiff. The warm colou...
  • Reggae beret with dreadlocks

    Reggae beret with dreadlocks

    24.90 €
    A multicoloured, woven reggae beret with long braided dreadlocks....
  • Jamaica Beret

    Jamaica Beret

    12.90 €
    A multicoloured, woven beret with warm and sunny colours of the C...
  • Straw boater

    Straw boater

    6.90 €
    This classic boater with a black band has so many names, like bas...

    Out of stock

  • Oscar's straw hat

    Oscar's straw hat

    4.50 €
    Oscar's straw hat fits nicely for walking on the beach, the woods...
  • Zorro's hat 1

    Zorro's hat 1

    6.50 €
    This black felt hat without the sign Z suits perfectly also for a...
  • Zorro's hat 2

    Zorro's hat 2

    6.90 €
    Gorgeous, a bit glossy Zorro's hat! This cool hat without the sig...
  • Scottish hat

    Scottish hat

    6.90 €
    A classic Scottish hat in tartan pattern with reddish brown hair ...
  • Safari straw hat

    Safari straw hat

    11.90 €
    This classic Safari straw hat with a brown band on a brim is perf...

    Out of stock

  • Skull scarf

    Skull scarf

    3.50 €
    A black scarf with a white skull pattern. Skull scarf is perfect ...
  • Hard Rock Hat

    Hard Rock Hat

    9.90 €
    A stunning peaked hat with a metal chain trim. Hard Rock Hat is m...
  • Che Guevara Beret + hockey hair

    Che Guevara Beret + hockey hair

    12.90 €
    A black Ernesto beret with a black "hockey hair". A red star on t...
  • Beret, black

    Beret, black

    12.90 €
    This classic black beret is a must for an easy-going and stylish ...
  • Green Tyrolean hat for Oktoberfest

    Tyrolean Hat

    6.90 €
    A cute, green hat for yodellers, alpine girls and guys, all the h...

27 Item(s)

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