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Hats for children

Different kinds of cute hats, caps and helmets for children, boys and girls.

The size of a hat: measure your head circumference with a tape-measure and compare that to the measurement of the hat.

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  • Fairy hat for children

    Fairy hat for children

    From 4.50 €
    An awesome pointy hat with sheer bands which swing in the wind. F...
  • Pirate hat for children

    Pirate hat for children

    4.90 €
    This lovely pirate hat for kids looks like a pink head scarf.Size...
  • Witch pointy hat, for children

    Witch hat, for children

    3.50 €
    A classic black pointy hat for all little witches and wizard stud...
  • Sheriff stetson hat for children

    Sheriff stetson hat for children

    7.90 €
    This cool sheriff stetson hat is a must for all little cowboys an...
  • Fireman's helmet

    Fireman's helmet

    6.90 €
    Fireman's profession includes of course hot and dangerous situati...
  • Top Hat for children

    Top Hat for children

    5.90 €
    Black top hat made of molded felt. This stylish topper suits a ge...

9 Item(s)

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