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Eyeglasses, sunglasses

Lots of funny, classy and cool eyeglasses, specs and sunglasses for many styles and events. Complete your cool outfit and look with these eye-catching glasses! :-D

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  • BB specs

    BB specs

    3.90 €
    Supercool black sunglasses in the Blues Brothers style for tough ...
  • Moustache glasses

    Moustache glasses

    5.90 €
    Do you want to support a nice idea but your mustache does not gro...
  • Rudolf The Reindeer eyeglasses

    Rudolf The Reindeer eyeglasses

    7.90 €
    "Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!" Here you have gorgeous eyeglasses, p...
  • Eyeglasses for pilot/welder

    Eyeglasses for pilot/welder

    12.90 €
    Incredibly cool glasses that fit to a pilot,&...
  • Giant eyeglasses

    Giant eyeglasses

    From 2.90 €
    A jolly giant eyeglasses for really big eyes ;-) Giant glasses ar...
  • Eyeglasses in metal

    Eyeglasses in metal

    From 4.90 €
    Classic specs with lenses for many styles and characters, like Sa...
  • Hippie eyeglasses with round, coloured lenses

    Hippie glasses

    From 5.90 €
    These round hippie specs are a great addition to any 60s hippie c...
  • 70's Groovy glasses with round lenses

    Groovy glasses

    From 6.90 €
    Large, round flower power groovy glasses. Silver-colored metal fr...
  • Rock Glasses

    Rock Glasses

    From 4.90 €
    A hard night behind and an even harder one still ahead? Not to wo...
  • Fifties Glasses

    Fifties Glasses

    6.90 €
    Awesome Fifties sunglasses fit perfectly to 50's theme parties an...
  • Monocle set

    Monocle set

    3.50 €
    A really cool moustache set for creating a wealthy gentleman! The...
  • Neon Eyeglasses

    Neon Eyeglasses

    5.90 €
    These stylish sunglasses have cool frames in pink and mirror lens...
  • Steampunk Goggles

    Steampunk Goggles

    7.90 €
    Really stylish plastic goggles, perfect for the Steampunk style! ...
  • Drinking straw eyeglasses in different colors

    Drinking Tube Glasses

    2.00 €
    The jolly straw eyeglasses are a really funny way to enjoy your d...
  • Colorful sunglasses with reflective lenses

    80's Glasses

    From 4.90 €
    Neon-colored sunglasses in the 80s style with reflective lenses. ...
  • Witch Nose Glasses

    Witch Nose Glasses

    3.90 €
    A really jolly eyeglasses with a witch nose and long black feathe...
  • Spy specs

    Spy specs

    7.90 €
    Cool black eyeglasses with mirrors are great for KGB, CIA and FBI...
  • Mug specs

    Mug specs

    7.90 €
    Hilarious eyeglasses, in the form of two German beer steins, are ...
  • Finland Sunglasses

    Finland Sunglasses

    5.90 €
    Sporty sunglasses for all Finland fans. Lenses are much darker th...

    Out of stock

  • Dollar Glasses

    Dollar Glasses

    6.90 €
    Money money money... ;)The dollar signs in the eyes - quite liter...
  • Euro Glasses

    Euro Glasses

    6.90 €
    "Geld, dinero, l'argent, money..."Funny black specs with big € si...
  • Kingis Glasses

    Kingis Glasses

    5.90 €
    Supercool eyeglasses with thick, gold-coloured frames for million...
  • Guitar specs

    Guitar specs

    4.90 €
    These black/white eyeglasses in shape of an electric guitar suit ...
  • Lolita Heart Glasses

    Lolita Heart Glasses

    6.90 €
    Cute & sweet specs in shape of a heart. The frames are red an...
  • Monocle


    2.50 €
    The stylish gentleman must definitely have a monocle. Great also ...

    Out of stock

  • Glasses with nose

    Glasses with nose

    2.90 €
    Classic specs in Groucho style with a big nose, black eyebrows an...
  • Nerd glasses

    Nerd glasses

    2.50 €
    Here you are: the true bottle bottom glasses. With these nerd spe...
  • Mirror specs

    Mirror specs

    6.50 €
    Classic eyeglasses in shape of aviator sunglasses with black fram...
  • Poker specs

    Poker specs

    4.90 €
    Funny playing card eyeglasses for all cardsharps, magicians, brid...
  • Basic specs

    Basic specs

    5.90 €
    Cool eyeglasses with a black frame.These great basic specs suit m...
  • Aviator sunglasses

    Aviator sunglasses

    6.50 €
    Classic pilot sunglasses with metal frame and black lenses. Sungl...
  • Shock eye specs

    Shock eye specs

    3.50 €
    Horrifying shock glasses. The "Hanging Eyes" is a classic, fun-fi...
  • Wide awake glasses

    Wide awake glasses

    2.50 €
    With these "eyes open" specs you look like you are listening at s...

Items 1 to 36 of 39 total

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