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Wings, halos, magic wands

Awesome wings, halos and magic wands for butterflies, angels, fairies, elves as well as for magicians. Wings for both children and adults.

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  • Angel Wings

    Angel Wings

    9.00 €
    Black angel wings with silver-glitter trimming.The wings have&nbs...
  • Feather wings for Black Angel

    Feather wings for Black Angel

    21.90 €
    Beautiful, black feather wings for dark angels and other a bit da...
  • Black Feather Wings with elastic bands

    Black Feather Wings

    12.90 €
    Black, beautifully curved feather wings for the angel of darkness...
  • Butterfly Fabric Wings

    Butterfly Fabric Wings

    59.90 €
    The delightful butterfly wings are one of the most colorful wings...
  • Peacock Fabric Wings

    Peacock Fabric Wings

    59.90 €
    Fabric wings for a peacock are of the most imposing wings from th...
  • Höyhensiivet enkelille

    Golden Feather Wings

    19.90 €
    Beautiful feather wings for angels, elves, fairies and even for t...
  • Harry Potter magic wand

    Harry Potter magic wand

    8.90 €
    The most powerful tool of the wizard boy Harry Potter. With this ...
  • Butterfly wings

    Butterfly wings

    From 7.90 €
    Joyful and summery small butterfly wings are ideal for children. ...
  • Marabou Halo Headband, white

    Marabou Halo Headband, white

    3.90 €
    An awesome white headband with marabou halo. The halo is attached...
  • Golden wings

    Golden wings

    5.50 €
    Beautiful plastic wings in colour of gold. For an angel or Cupid ...

    Out of stock

  • Butterfly wings, pink

    Butterfly wings, pink

    7.90 €
    Stunning, pink-coloured glitter wings with gemstones. Butterfly w...
  • Forest Fairy wings

    Forest Fairy wings

    19.90 €
    These fresh, green and large wings are great for all the adorable...
  • Glitter wings, pink/black

    Glitter wings, pink/black

    9.90 €
    These awesome butterfly wings with glitter decorations are perfec...
  • Rainbow Feather Wings

    Rainbow Feather Wings

    15.90 €
     Super cool feather wings in colours of rainbow. The wings are gr...
  • White jumbo feather wings

    White jumbo feather wings

    59.90 €
    White jumbo feather wings: ca. 120 x 120 cmBecause of the big siz...

    Out of stock

  • Dark fairy wings

    Dark fairy wings

    19.90 €
    The wings, which are dark as night and black as the darkness, are...
  • Red Feather Wings

    Red Feather Wings

    15.90 €
    Stunning red feather wings with a handy elastic band attachment. ...
  • Butterfly dress-up set for children

    Butterfly dress-up set for children

    17.90 €
    This superlovely light red dressing up set for children includes ...
  • Tinkerbell fairy dress-up set

    Tinkerbell fairy dress-up set

    14.90 €
    This cheerful and summery green fairy dress-up set includes wings...
  • Marabou Halo Headband

    Marabou Halo Headband

    From 3.90 €
    A black headband with black marabou halo. Halo attached to headb...

    Out of stock

  • Magician's wand

    Magician's wand

    2.50 €
    A black plastic magic wand with white tips for wizards and magici...
  • Magic wand Fairy

    Magic wand Fairy

    2.50 €
    A star magic wand, colour of silver. For fairies, elves, angels, ...
  • Magic wand with glitter

    Magic wand with glitter

    From 2.90 €
    This adorable star magic wand with glitter on the surface is perf...
  • Sceptre/Magic wand

    Sceptre/Magic wand

    2.50 €
    A beautiful magic wand, colour of gold, with shining stones. Grea...
  • Wizard scepter, 122 cm

    Wizard scepter, 122 cm

    6.90 €
    Really cool scepter for all the mighty wizards to make their magi...

34 Item(s)

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