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Dress-up sets

A variety of cool dress-up sets that make the dressing easy, for example, to a nurse, fairy, pig, bunny, sailor, army guy, kapten, etc. :) Dress-up sets for adults and kids.

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  • Mouse dress-up set

    Mouse dress-up set

    8.90 €
    A cute dressing up set for a sweet mouse contains an ear diadem, ...
  • 80's sweatband set

    80's sweatband set

    From 4.90 €
    A fabulous sweatband set which without you do not get along! The ...
  • Piggy set

    Piggy set

    9.90 €
    Piggy dress-up set is perfect for anyone who wants to be a little...
  • Tiger dress-up set

    Tiger dress-up set

    8.90 €
    Reborn a sexy and wild tiger with this sweet furry dressing up se...
  • Black Cat dress-up set

    Black Cat dress-up set

    9.90 €
    A cool dressing-up set for wild cats: an ear diadem, a bow tie an...
  • Minny / Mickey dress-up set

    Minny / Mickey dress-up set

    8.90 €
    A neat dressing up set for all cute mouses: black ears and nose, ...
  • Hair and head bands in neon colors

    Neon hair band

    From 2.50 €
    Neon-colored hair bands are great for active and sporty people an...
  • Horror butcher set: apron, face mask and gloves

    Horror butcher set

    19.90 €
    The horror butcher's scary set suits also meat traders, serial ki...
  • Accessory set for doctors

    Doctor's accessory set

    9.90 €
    With this accessory set for doctors you are ready to examine pati...
  • St.Patrick's day -rusetti

    St. Patrick's Day set

    7.50 €
    Glitter for St. Patrick's Day party! This green set completes per...
  • Reindeer set for adults

    Reindeer set

    17.90 €
    The Reindeer set is perfect for anyone who wants to be a little c...
  • Cat dress-up set: ears on diadem and tail

    Cat dress-up set 2

    8.90 €
    This black cat set makes of you a sly or sweet pussycat! The cute...
  • Bunny dress-up set: ear diadem and round tail

    Bunny dress-up set

    7.90 €
    The adorable bunny set in white and light red for adults and chil...
  • Princess dress-up set for kids

    Princess dress-up set

    9.90 €
    Lovely children's princess dress-up set includes white satin glov...
  • Lion dress-up set: ear diadem and tail

    Lion dress-up set

    12.90 €
    This light brown lion dress-up set is great for adults and childr...
  • Giraffe dress-up set: diadem and tail

    Giraffe dress-up set

    8.90 €
    Spotted white-brown giraffe dress-up set fits for adults and chil...
  • Zebra dress-up set: ear diadem and tail

    Zebra dress-up set

    7.90 €
    This striped zebra dress-up set is perfect for both adults and ch...
  • Fox dress-up set: ear diadem and tail

    Fox dress-up set

    9.90 €
    Wildly furry fox dress-up set for children and adults. The grey-b...
  • Adam dress-up set

    Adam dress-up set

    9.90 €
    The 1st man's dressing up set includes bikini briefs, a leaf crow...
  • Eve dress-up set

    Eve dress-up set

    12.90 €
    The 1st woman's dressing up set includes bikini, a leaf crown and...
  • Bee dress-up set  for children

    Bee dress-up set for children

    16.90 €
    Happy yellow-black bee dressing up set for children. The set ...
  • Nurse set

    Nurse set

    9.90 €
    "Sister White, can you help and take care of me?" With this handy...
  • 80's set for ladies

    18.50 €
    This wonderfully colourful clothing set in the 80's style is perf...
  • Superhero set: cape and eye mask

    Superhero set

    16.90 €
    A handy product set for every own life's superhero and heroine! T...

Items 1 to 36 of 37 total

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