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Boas and feathers

Lovely feather boas, marabou boas and feather fans for Charleston ladies, glamour princesses, as well as fine ladies. Be a real lady and complete your outfit and look with these luxurious boas!

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  • Ostrich feather "Tails" 35/40 cm

    Ostrich feather "Tails" 35/40 cm

    From 5.90 €
    Stunning different colors of ostrich tail feather! Feathers can b...
  • Ostrich feather 50/60 cm

    Ostrich feather 50/60 cm

    From 8.90 €
    Beautiful ostrich tail feathers for several purposes. Feathers ca...
  • Cocktail feather

    Cocktail feather

    From 1.00 €
    Shiny cocktail feathers for many purposes! Feathers can be used a...
  • Peacock feather

    Peacock feather

    From 1.00 €
    Spectacular peacock feathers are ideal for many purposes! The fea...
  • Pheasant feather

    Pheasant feather

    3.50 €
    Pheasant’s tail feather is suitable for decoration, for exa...
  • Feather boa 80 gr, black

    Feather boa 80 gr, black

    13.90 €
    This luxurious, bushy, black boa is suitable for the Moulin Rouge...
  • Feather Boa, two-colored, 180 cm

    Feather boa 50 gr, two-color

    From 9.90 €
    Beautiful two-color feather boas are suitable for the Moulin Roug...
  • Feather boa, concolorous, 12 color options

    Feather boa, concolorous

    From 9.50 €
    Single-colored feather boas, choose from 12 fresh colors. Complet...
  • Feather boa DELUXE, four colors

    Feather boa DELUXE

    From 19.90 €
    Gorgeous feather boas go with many dresses and styles. The length...
  • Marabou boas: red, white or black

    Marabou boa

    From 3.90 €
    A thin and long fluffy marabou boa goes with many dresses and fee...
  • Deluxe Marabou Fan

    Deluxe Marabou Fan

    From 6.90 €
    Gorgeous Marabou feather fans for beautiful ladies. Marabou fans ...
  • Indian feathers

    Indian feathers

    2.90 €
    12 pc Indian feathers in different colours and in length ca. 23-2...

15 Item(s)

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