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Inflatable props

Inflatable music instruments, like guitars and banjos, baby bottles, sport stuff, animals and many other things. Inflatable accessories for many different occasions. Complete your character with these jolly inflatable props.

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  • Inflatable snake, 152 cm

    Inflatable snake, 152 cm

    6.50 €
    An inflatable, green snake with black ornaments. Great for beach ...
  • Inflatable Cactus (90 cm)

    Inflatable Cactus (90 cm)

    8.50 €
    A cool green cactus in a brown pot. Great for many places and eve...
  • Inflatable 80's phone

    Inflatable 80's phone

    5.90 €
    Stylish inflatable telephone directly from the 80s! The mother......
  • Inflatable keyboard

    Inflatable keyboard

    6.90 €
    Inflatable electronic keyboard for a little quieter music. ;) Whe...
  • Inflatable Finland-hammer

    Inflatable Finland-hammer

    3.90 €
    A hilarious inflatable hammer with a Finland flag pattern. A grea...
  • Inflatable guitar

    Inflatable guitar

    From 4.50 €
    This cool guitar is perfect for rocker guys and girls: inflatable...
  • Inflatable boombox

    Inflatable boombox

    9.90 €
    Really elegant inflatable boombox in 80's style. The boombox in s...
  • Inflatable guitar, flame

    Inflatable guitar, flame

    4.50 €
    This super cool guitar with flame pattern is perfect for alla roc...
  • Inflatable guitar, skeleton

    Inflatable guitar, skeleton

    4.50 €
    This super cool guitar is perfect for rocker guys and girls. It i...
  • Inflatable cat

    Inflatable cat

    6.90 €
    Charming pussycat in black and white! The perfect pet for those, ...
  • Inflatable saxophone

    Inflatable saxophone

    From 3.50 €
    This jolly saxophone is perfect for a jazz musician. With this mu...
  • Inflatable banjo

    Inflatable banjo

    From 4.50 €
    A cute banjo for flower power people and hippies. This happy banj...
  • Inflatable Lifeguard Float

    Inflatable Lifeguard Float

    8.90 €
    Baywatch lady's or lifeguard’s a must product! (Note: ...
  • Inflatable Finland Hand

    Inflatable Finland Hand

    3.50 €
    Really gorgeous inflatable Finnish-themed hand for various events...
  • Inflatable crab

    Inflatable crab

    5.90 €
    This supercool crab is perfect decoration for grayfish parties an...
  • Inflatable Barbell

    Inflatable Barbell

    4.90 €
    The barbell is a must for all strong people... or for those who w...
  • Inflatable microphone

    Inflatable microphone

    2.50 €
    This really cool, inflatable microphone fits nicely for a singer ...
  • Inflatable Hawaiian Guitar

    Inflatable Hawaiian Guitar

    4.90 €
    Here are a distinctive props for Hawaiian parties. You can take t...
  • Inflatable Sun

    Inflatable Sun

    5.90 €
    If the real sun don't shine, this jolly sun makes everybody happy...
  • Inflatable baby bottle

    Inflatable baby bottle

    3.90 €
    This inflatable baby bottle has either light red or light blue te...
  • Inflatable Fire extinguisher

    Inflatable Fire extinguisher

    6.90 €
    A funny inflatable red/black fire extinguisher for all brave fire...
  • Inflatable Caveman's Club

    Inflatable Caveman's Club

    3.50 €
    A cool Stone Age weapon in pattern of wood. Inflatable. Perfect f...
  • Inflatable banana (100 cm)

    Inflatable banana (100 cm)

    5.90 €
    A really big banana in fresh yellow. Perfect for summer parties a...
  • Inflatable parrot

    Inflatable parrot

    6.90 €
    A jolly parrot in bright colours for a pirate's friend, Hawaiian ...
  • Inflatable ape

    Inflatable ape

    6.90 €
    A cute monkey in colour of toffee for summer events and beach, Ta...
  • Inflatable Guenon

    Inflatable Guenon

    5.90 €
    A cute guenon in colour of toffee for summer events and beach, Ta...
  • Inflatable fish

    Inflatable fish

    From 5.50 €
    This fish is so cute, round and has big friendly eyes. Great for ...
  • Inflatable American football

    Inflatable American football

    3.50 €
    You can do a perfect touchdown with this inflatable football, whi...
  • Inflatable baseball bat

    Inflatable baseball bat

    3.50 €
    This inflatable baseball bat looks genuine, and with it you can h...
  • Inflatable dog

    Inflatable dog

    6.90 €
    Oh, what a sweet little doggie! The brown inflatable dog is a per...
  • Inflatable Syringe

    Inflatable Syringe

    2.90 €
    A jumbo-sized inflatable syringe for nurses and doctors. When the...

34 Item(s)

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