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Crowns, tiaras, scepters

Awesome tiaras and crowns, scepters and magic wands, laurel wreaths and circlets. For bride and princess beautiful tiaras and circlets in colours of gold and silver. Crowns for king and queen and other aristocratic people. Scepters for rulers and magic wands for wizards and magicians. Laurel wreaths for Roman emperor, Caesar and other victorious people.

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  • Magic wand with glitter

    Magic wand with glitter

    From 2.90 €
    This adorable star magic wand with glitter on the surface is perf...
  • Magic wand Fairy

    Magic wand Fairy

    2.50 €
    A star magic wand, colour of silver. For fairies, elves, angels, ...

2 Item(s)

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