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Extremely beautiful metallic canes and tradicional wooden walking sticks for ladies and gentlemen, as well as older people, grandparents and even for Santa Claus himself! Complete your fancy dress and your look with these amazing walking sticks.

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  • Skull stick, 80 cm

    Skull stick, 80 cm

    4.50 €
    This cool black stick with a white skull on the top is perfect fo...
  • Metallic skull cane

    Metallic skull cane

    39.90 €
    Super cool black walking stick with a handle in the form of a scu...
  • Roboskull cane, made of metal

    Roboskull cane

    39.90 €
    Shining black walking stick with a handle in the shape of a robot...
  • Screaming Skull cane

    Screaming Skull cane

    44.90 €
    This is a stunning walking stick! Handle of the stick is full of ...
  • Royal cane

    Royal cane

    44.90 €
    Gorgeous walking stick has a fine round handle. Engraving on the ...
  • Revolver cane

    Revolver cane

    44.90 €
    Decorative walking stick with revolver-handle. This handle gives ...
  • Gentleman cane

    Gentleman cane

    39.90 €
    Elegant walking stick of high quality is perfect for every gentle...

    Out of stock

  • Steampunk cane

    Steampunk cane

    39.90 €
    Steampunk cane with stunning details! High-quality walking stick ...

    Out of stock

  • Diamond cane

    Diamond cane

    9.90 €
    A stylish black cane with a top looking like a big diamond. Grea...
  • Dancer's cane

    Dancer's cane

    3.90 €
    A cool black cane with a wheezing bottom tip. Made of plastic. Th...
  • Wooden Walking Stick

    Wooden Walking Stick

    9.90 €
    A classic wooden walking stick is perfect for many characters, li...
  • Gentleman's cane

    Gentleman's cane

    3.90 €
    A stylish black walking stick for all handsome gentlemen and Chap...
  • Two-piece walking stick Skull

    Skull walking stick, two-piece

    6.90 €
    This cool black cane with a grey skull handle is perfect for all ...
  • Atlas cane of metal

    Atlas cane

    39.90 €
    A cool walking stick with a detachable, impressive top where the ...

17 Item(s)

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