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Professional props

Lots of props and accessories with the professional theme: for nurses, prisoners, policemen, sailors and many others. With these cool props you complete your costume and make your character perfect.

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  1. Body Bag

    Body Bag

    Create your own crime scene with this eye-catching black-colored body bag! A great addition to a celebration as well as to a crime scene parties - or why not even summer nights sleeping bag.

    Now, just to come up with a crime, sprinkle the evidence and clues, and party peoples in the middle of exciting events. GREAT FOR ROLE PLAY!

    Size approx. 200 cm x 75 cm.

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    19.90 €
  2. Nurse set

    Nurse set

    "Sister White, can you help and take care of me?" With this handy nurse set, you will become quickly a healthcare professional. ;)

    The red-white set includes a stethoscope, the headband/diadem and a lovely lace garter with a syringe pencil by which you can write down recipes.

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    9.90 €
  3. Ninja combat set

    Ninja combat set

    Ninja combat set contains 2 throwing stars (shuriken) and 2 blade weapons (sai).

    The weapons are made of plastic. Throwing stars' diameter is about 9 cm and blades length about 24 cm.

    Did you know, that...
    According to some sources, the sai throwing weapons were used as a tool for plant rice. Shurikens purpose was to inflict damage on the enemy and to draw the opponent's attention for a moment to elsewhere, not so much as a weapon.

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    4.50 €
  4. Special Police Badge

    Special Police Badge

    This fine, silvery Special Police Badge in a black leather wallet is a must for all brave policemen, and policewomen too! Robber's face will surely pale, when you show this badge him/her. And then it is easy to catch the perpetrator.

    When the wallet is open, its size is approx. 18 cm x 10.5 cm. The wallet also has a window pocket where you can hold, for example, your own ID card.

    The wallet is quite small, so it can be used as the "second" wallet when you go out to have fun and so on. It's hilarious to show this badge to the porter, when he asks to see your ID card ;)

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    11.90 €
  5. Dynamite


    "Dy-Dy-Dy Dynamite!" Here's a great explosion props for all the bandits who want to blow up something. ;-) Dynamite is perfect for prisoners who want to blast out of the prison, a Mexican who want to rob a train or a bank and also for a thief who wants to have some big beautiful diamonds. ;-)

    The dynamite is made of plastic, and its length is about 23 cm.

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    3.50 €
  6. Bulletproof vest, camouflage

    Bulletproof vest, camouflage

    Bulletproof vest is a must for every soldier and policeman! Bulletproof vest in camouflage colours are the icing on the cake even in a guerrilla's attire. NOTE! This product is not a true safety vest, it is intended only for the use as props. The waist and shoulders are adjustable!

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    19.90 €
  7. Special Police Badge

    Special Police Badge

    Stylish, police badge to hang in the neck. Robber's face will surely pale, when you show this badge him/her. And then it is easy to catch the perpetrator! ;)

    Length of the chain: about 1 meter
    Badge's size: approx. 7 cm x 8 cm.

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    6.90 €
  8. Oktoberfest apron for men and women

    Oktoberfest apron

    These funny aprons are perfect for Oktoberfest partying and alpine people who want to have some fun with friends and sing: "Trink, trink, Brüderlein trink, lass doch die Sorgen zu Haus...";). The aprons are suitable also for all home cooks who want to rejoice the family or friends in parties with the beer theme or in the summer barbecues.

    The aprons are available in two models: one for manly men and the other for feminnine women. ;-D

    The length of the apron is approx 74 cm and its width is 57 cm. With strings, the circumference is approx 173 cm.

    The apron is made of 100 % polyester. If the apron is needed wash, hand wash it gently.

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  9. Inflatable Lifeguard Float

    Inflatable Lifeguard Float

    Baywatch lady's or lifeguard’s a must product! (Note: Only as a prop, not a correct tool for the rescue)

    The float's size about 70 cm x 35 cm. The package also includes a short white rope which you can use to put the float hanging from the wrist or on the wall for decoration.

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    8.90 €
  10. Pipe wrench

    Pipe wrench

    "Can we fix it?" Pipe wrench is a necessary tool for every plumber and even for Bob the Builder!

    The plastic pipe wrench's length is about 30 cm.

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    5.90 €
  11. Graduation hat

    Graduation hat

    Traditional, black graduation hat for all the students who complete their studies.

    Square academic cap is made of cardboard and soft fabric.

    Size of the hat about 54 cm.

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    5.90 €
  12. S.W.A.T. bulletproof vest

    S.W.A.T. bulletproof vest

    Black bulletproof vest with white S.W.A.T. texts is a great fancy dress for adults. This ballistic vest is a must for every police officer and soldier who is working in the special weapons and tactics team! The SWAT team works in dangerous and critical situations where special skills and training are required, such as kidnapping, hostage, siege and riot.

    The waist and shoulders are adjustable. One size.

    NOTE: This S.W.A.T. bulletproof vest is only a fancy dress, not a real ballistic vest.

    Check also out the SWAT cap.

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  13. Warning light with sound

    Warning light with sound

    Whether you are a firefighter, a police officer or an ambulance driver, a warning light as a necessary tool for people to notice you! Flashing light with siren sound is easy to carry with because of its lightness and small size.

    Available in blue and red. The light is 4 cm high and 7 cm in diameter.

    The warning light works with three AG13 button cells. The light comes with test batteries, but they are recommended to be replaced before usage.

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  14. Feather Duster

    Feather Duster

    This cute feather duster is a secret weapon for French and chamber maids. The handle is made of black plastic, the feathers are white or pink.

    Length: 37 cm.

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  15. Judge's Gavel

    Judge's Gavel

    "Guilty!" With this cool gavel, you can be a judge in a courtroom and sentence the guilty ones to jail and let the innocents go free. The gavel is also fine for chairman and auctioneer!

    The length of the gavel is about 27 cm and it is made of plastic.

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    4.50 €
  16. Pilli erotuomarille tai poliisille

    Referee and police whistle

    Handy metallic whistle that definitely coronate your outfit, whether you are a cop or referee. The whistle is also a perfect product to make noise at “penkkarit”, May Day, bachelor party and any other occasions where the whistle sound is needed.

    The whistle comes with a fabric string, which total length is about 100 cm.

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    3.50 €
  17. Agent's Utility Belt

    Agent's Utility Belt

    Leg Avenue utility belt is perfect for every secret spy. The belt also applies to all other characters who need a handy accessory belt. The belt is attached to the waist and both thighs. There is a small bag attached to the belt.

    The accessory belt is made of a wide rubber band and has a clip attachment at the front. The maximum length of the belt is approximately 108 cm.

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    29.90 €
  18. Accessory set for doctors

    Doctor's accessory set

    With this accessory set for doctors you are ready to examine patients and protect yourself from diseases patients might have. ;-)

    The doctor's product set includes a cap, protective face mask, stethoscope and a head mirror with a rubber band. The doctor's cap and face mask are made of thin, green fabric. The stethoscope is of plastic.

    Doctor's accessory set is suitable for both children and adults.
    Check also out the Vinyl gloves.

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    9.90 €
  19. Police Badge Purse

    Police Badge Purse

    This great-looking bag is something what not even the hardest thieves dare to steal! The police purse has handles like real handcuffs that can be attached around own wrists. In an emergency, the bag can be used to make a citizen's arrest and tie one cuff around the offender's wrist. ;)

    The handbag fits nicely all female policeofficers, as well as to all parties and events with the police theme.

    The bag features a handy magnetic closure which keeps the bag well closed, and inside the bag is a fantastic shiny lining in silver.

    The bag height is approx. 17 cm and its width approx. 12 cm.

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    24.90 €
  20. Sheriff star badge

    Sheriff star badge

    This lustrous silvery chest badge of plastic is, of course, a must for both male and female sheriffs in the Wild West.

    Diameter: 8 cm.

    Safety pin fastening.

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    1.90 €
  21. Police constable's baton

    Police constable's baton

    This black police baton is full of attitude, power and authority, and therefore it definitely belong to the vapen assortiment of all the policemen as standard. This police baton in the hand you  get all the criminals in a moment to stop, so that peace and order can be back on the streets.

    The length of the baton is 50 cm and is made of plastic. The baton has the same dimensions as the real baton, but is lighter and therefore it can be pulled out quickly in dangerous situations.

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    6.50 €
  22. Deluxe shackles

    Deluxe shackles

    Really robust shackles for a dangerous criminal. Great also for a hero or heroine of bachelor party or hen night. Great also for LARP, eg. a slave.

    The shackles are made of plastic, but look like metal.

    Handcuff's diameter is ca 8 cm, and the total length of the shackles is 45 cm.

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    4.90 €
  23. FBI Badge

    FBI Badge

    A gold-coloured badge for cool and secret agents.

    The badge has a safety pin for attaching.

    Size 6 cm x 4 cm.

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    4.90 €
  24. Giant thermometer

    Giant thermometer

    Oops, fever of 40 degrees! Now we need medical personnel here. This big thermometer in plastic with a string suits nurses, doctors and surgeons.

    Length about 37 cm.

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    2.90 €
  25. Rubber handcuffs

    Rubber handcuffs

    Handcuffs in rubber for a prisoner and other criminal persons. Handcuffs are great in many role plays.

    Chain: length ca. 15 cm.
    Loop: diameter ca. 7,5 cm.

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    3.50 €
  26. Clapperboard


    A black/white clapperboard for all those who want to make a great Hollywood-movie or home movies. The clapper is a familiar thing for any actor or movie star. You can write text to the clapperboard with chalk which can easily be removed with wet paper. 

    Measurement: 17,5 x 20 cm

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  27. Handcuffs


    Cool, real-looking handcuffs of metal with 2 keys. Fits to police, robber and adults games.

    Max. circumference: 19 cm.
    Min. circumference: 14 cm.

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    4.90 €
  28. Aviator Brooch

    Aviator Brooch

    A cool wings brooch in colour of gold for a aviator, a pilot and a stewardess.

    Made of metal. Width: ca. 7 cm.

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    4.50 €
  29. Police baton

    Police baton

    A black hollow baton in plastic for police officers.

    Lenght: ca. 53 cm.

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    3.50 €
  30. Police Badge

    Police Badge

    A police breast badge, made of silver-coloured metal. The police bagde is suitable for both men and women police officers, who maintain order and discipline and ensure that the law is respected.

    Height: ca. 6 cm.
    Width: ca. 5,5 cm (on the widest place)

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    3.90 €
  31. Syringe pen

    Syringe pen

    A ballpoint pen which looks like a real syringe. The absolute tool of every fake doctor and nurse! Also, the most difficult patient calms down when he/she sees this syringe filled with red liquid!

    Even the blood sample is inside the pen.

    Syringe pen is made of plastic.

    Length about 13 cm.

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    1.90 €
  32. Sailor dress-up set

    Sailor dress-up set

    A really nice dressing up set: a sailor hat and a collar. This fresh-looking sailor set is great for sailor men and women as well as summer people at the seaside and on the sail boat deck. :)

    Hat: size ca. 64 cm.

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    12.90 €
  33. French maid dress-up set

    French maid dress-up set

    This sexy dressing up set includes a white apron, a black skirt, a headpiece, a collar and wristbands. Perfect for the cute cleaning lady.

    Skirt: waist circumference ca. 70-120 cm.
    The waist is really flexible.

    Complete your look with a feather duster, sexy stay-ups and a blouse.

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  34. Stethoscope


    A necessary tool for all nurse and doctor characters. This stethoscope looks almost a real one. Made of plastic.

    Length about 62 cm.

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    3.50 €
  35. Stethoscope, "functional"

    Stethoscope, "functional"

    The stethoscope is a necessary tool for all nurse and doctor characters. Does the heart beat calmly or quickly? Do the lungs wheeze? How about the breathing? Let the doctor listen. ;)

    The length of the rubber "tube" is about 64 cm and the metal earpieces 18 cm per piece.

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    11.90 €
  36. Spyglass


    The spyglass is a must for all detectives, secret agents, coroners and nosy guys. Great for Sherlock Holmes himself. And a very important tool for Grandma and Grandpa. ;-)

    The length of the spyglass is ca. 19 cm and the diameter is ca. 10 cm.

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  37. Ball & chain for prisoner in plastic

    Ball & chain for prisoner

    A cool ball and chain for a prisoner's or a slave's foot. Made of plastic. Ball & Chain is great also in bachelor parties and hen nights and perfect for the Dalton brothers (known from Lucky Luke) and Beagle Boys' members who rob in Duckburg. ;-)

    The color of the ball, chain and fetter is black.

    Fetter: circumference ca. 26 cm
    Chain: length ca. 27 cm
    Ball: circumference ca. 39 cm

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  38. Ball & chain DELUXE for prisoner

    Ball & chain DELUXE for prisoner

    A super cool steely grey ball and chain looks realistic. With this the prisoner doesn’t go anywhere! Prisoners chain is great in bachelor parties and hen nights, even in LARP for slaves etc.

    Fetter: diameter ca. 12 cm
    Chain: length ca. 27 cm
    Ball: diameter ca. 17 cm

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  39. Brown barbed wire, over 2 meter

    Barbed wire

    Realistic-looking barbed wire in brown, looks like a rusted barb or bobbed wire. Can be used in the military role-playing games, army scenes and other a bit gloomy events and parties. Great for Halloween decoration.

    The total length of the barbed wire is approx. 2.1 meters.

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