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Accessories and props

Accessories and props for adults and children: lots of capes, cloaks, wings, dress-up sets, magic wands, gloves, hands, tights/pantyhoses, stockings, garters, feather boas...

And dresses also for our four-legged friends, dogs. :-)

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  • Cat dress-up set 1

    Cat dress-up set 1

    8.90 €
    With this cat set, you can be, in a trice, a sly pussycat! A cute...
  • Rat snout

    Rat snout

    4.60 €
    A really funny nose for all who want to be a rat or a mouse.Under...
  • Wolf ear diadem

    Wolf ear diadem

    4.90 €
    A sweet fluffy wolf ear diadem. Great for wolfs and dogs too (lik...
  • Ball & chain DELUXE for prisoner

    Ball & chain DELUXE for prisoner

    12.90 €
    A super cool steely grey ball and chain looks realistic. With thi...
  • Special Police Badge

    Special Police Badge

    11.90 €
    This fine, silvery Special Police Badge in a black leather wallet...
  • Stethoscope


    3.50 €
    A necessary tool for all nurse and doctor characters. This stetho...
  • Sheriff star badge

    Sheriff star badge

    1.90 €
    This lustrous silvery chest badge of plastic is, of course, a mus...
  • Pilli erotuomarille tai poliisille

    Referee and police whistle

    3.50 €
    Handy metallic whistle that definitely coronate your outfit, whet...
  • Handcuffs


    4.90 €
    Cool, real-looking handcuffs of metal with 2 keys. Fits to police...
  • Stethoscope, "functional"

    Stethoscope, "functional"

    11.90 €
    The stethoscope is a necessary tool for all nurse and doctor char...
  • Police Badge Purse

    Police Badge Purse

    24.90 €
    This great-looking bag is something what not even the hardest thi...
  • Police Badge

    Police Badge

    3.90 €
    A police breast badge, made of silver-coloured metal. The police ...
  • Deluxe shackles

    Deluxe shackles

    4.90 €
    Really robust shackles for a dangerous criminal. Great also for a...
  • Gold/Silver gloves

    Gold/Silver gloves

    From 7.90 €
    Elbow length, shiny gloves fit nicely into glamour parties, galas...
  • Freddy glove

    Freddy glove

    9.90 €
    The horrifying glove of the murderer on Elm Street. And the horri...
  • Glitter tights

    Glitter tights

    From 8.90 €
    Sweet, one-sized tights with a hint of glitter are suitable for c...
  • Sequin Bow Tie

    Sequin Bow Tie

    From 3.50 €
    A neat bow tie which you can wear in all sorts of parties. Sequin...
  • Black necktie with silver spider web

    Spider Web Tie

    From 3.90 €
    A supercool black necktie with silver cobweb pattern and an elast...
  • Cowboy spurs, 2 pc

    Cowboy spurs, 2 pc

    4.90 €
    2 beautiful spurs for cowboy boots. Made of silver-coloured plast...
  • Charleston Handbag

    Charleston Handbag

    9.50 €
    A stunning black fringe handbag with sequins, colour of silver. F...
  • Coffin handbag

    Coffin handbag

    19.90 €
    This darkly gorgeous, coffin-shaped handbag is long enough for bu...

    Out of stock

  • Spider Handbag

    Spider Handbag

    9.90 €
    A neat black bag with pattern of spider and web. The must for all...
  • Aviator sunglasses

    Aviator sunglasses

    6.50 €
    Classic pilot sunglasses with metal frame and black lenses. Sungl...
  • Space Alien Glasses

    Space Alien Glasses

    From 7.90 €
    A cool disco look of the space epoch.  Space Alien Glasses are pe...
  • Mirror specs

    Mirror specs

    6.50 €
    Classic eyeglasses in shape of aviator sunglasses with black fram...
  • Gothic Choker Black Medallion

    Gothic Choker Black Medallion

    6.90 €
    A classy black choker in fabric with a black gemstone medallion a...
  • Evil Hand jewelry, 3 models

    Evil Hand jewelry, 3 models

    From 3.50 €
    The terribly spooky and creepy skeleton hand is a symbol of terro...
  • Bead choker

    Bead choker

    From 5.90 €
    A dashing choker, made of small beads. The pearls are on a thin e...
  • Peace sign necklace 1

    Peace sign necklace 1

    1.20 €
    A big Peace sign on a strap for hippies and "make love not war" c...
  • Strassring Peace

    Strassring Peace

    4.50 €
    A cool Peace ring with shining strasses. Great for party girls, h...
  • Peace sign necklace, Rainbow

    Peace sign necklace, Rainbow

    2.90 €
    A colorful, plastic peace sign with a black necklace. Peace sign ...
  • Dollar ring

    3 dollar ring

    6.00 €
    A cool rapper ring with silver-coloured glitter $$$ (3 dollar sig...
  • Skull strass collar

    Skull strass collar

    7.90 €
    This stunning black collar with a skull and strasses is perfect f...
  • Gothic ring Charmed

    Gothic ring Charmed

    4.50 €
    A gorgeous ring in colour of antique silver with a purple gemston...
  • Silver skeleton necklace

    Silver skeleton necklace

    11.90 €
    A shiny silver skeleton necklace, which fits in perfectly hallowe...
  • Skull necklace

    Skull necklace

    7.90 €
    A cool skull necklace, made of silver-coloured metal. The skull n...

Items 1 to 36 of 66 total

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