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Knives, daggers and machetes

Weapons for masquerade and role play, such as knives, daggers and machetes. Edged weapons are suitable for horror characters, guerrillas, native American indians and many other characters. The weapons are made of plastic.

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  • Giant knife

    Giant knife

    3.90 €
    This superbig knife in plastic is perfect for all Halloween and h...
  • Skull Dagger

    Skull Dagger

    3.90 €
    A stunning knife in plastic with a skull trim on the handle. Grea...
  • Bone knife

    Bone knife

    3.50 €
    An eye-catching knife for people of Stone Age, barbarians, viking...
  • Machete

    Machete, 54 cm

    5.90 €
    This cool machete looks like the real thing and is a must for all...
  • Bloody knife

    Bloody knife

    8.90 €
    A plastic knife with blood effect. For all rambos and fearless gu...
  • Deluxe-machete veriroiskein

    Deluxe Machete, 74 cm

    9.90 €
    This robust and super-cool machete is made of blackish silvery pl...
  • The Jason mask and machete

    The Jason mask and machete

    16.90 €
    This creepy horror set contains a blackish silvery Jason mask and...
  • Rambo knife

    Rambo knife

    3.50 €
    A plastic Rambo knife is a very important piece of every soldier ...
  • Bloody kitchen knife

    Bloody kitchen knife

    4.90 €
    This bloody knife in plastic is perfect for all Halloween and hor...

9 Item(s)

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