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Figurines, statuettes and decorative items

Great decorative items and statuettes, which are perfect for example to a gift or for your own home decoration.

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  • Chrome Skull

    Chrome Skull

    29.90 €
    This fabulous chrome-coated skull causes WOW reactions with its s...
  • Cold Flame Skull

    Cold Flame Skull

    13.90 €
    Like cold-blue flames were hitting in this stunning, when it's st...
  • Sir Fightalot statuette

    Sir Fightalot statuette

    15.90 €
    A great looking, maybe even a little bit funny little knight stat...
  • The Witching Hour case

    The Witching Hour case

    19.90 €
    Really wonderful storage box, illustrated by Lisa Parker. This fi...
  • Toxic cosmetics jar

    Toxic cosmetics jar

    19.90 €
    With this face cream, the last impurities will leave from your fa...
  • Scarabe Box

    Scarabe Box

    34.90 €
    This wonderful scarab box with patina of age is great in parties ...

17 Item(s)

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