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Indians, cowboys, Wild West

In this category we have put costumes, stetson hats, indian stuff and all sorts of Wild West props and decoration that are suitable for Native American indians, cowgirls and cowboys as well as guys like a sheriff and a Mexican bandit and Dirty Harry. In this category, you can find easily products that are suitable to Wild West parties!

More options you can find by browsing through our website. :)

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  • Wild West - table setting products

    Wild West - table setting products

    From 1.90 €
    These cool table setting products are perfect for all parties and...
  • Fernando's Sombrero

    Fernando's Sombrero

    From 5.90 €
    These cool sombrero hats with funky colours help you to cope with...
  • Stetson


    From 10.90 €
    A beautiful stetson hat with cool stitch trim for all brave cowbo...
  • Inflatable Cactus (90 cm)

    Inflatable Cactus (90 cm)

    8.50 €
    A cool green cactus in a brown pot. Great for many places and eve...
  • Buffalo bull's head

    Buffalo bull's head

    5.90 €
    Buffalo bull's head is a big wall decoration for Wild West partie...
  • Buffalo bull's skull

    Buffalo bull's skull

    5.90 €
    Buffalo bull's whiteskull is a big wall decoration for Wild West ...
  • Wagon wheel

    Wagon wheel

    5.90 €
    You will get a cool Wild West party with dense atmosphere when yo...
  • SALOON sign

    SALOON sign

    3.50 €
    Every Wild West town has a saloon, where tough cowboys can drink ...
  • WANTED poster

    WANTED poster

    3.50 €
    A cool poster WANTED - DEAD OR LIVE. A must in all Wild West part...
  • Wild West banner

    Wild West banner

    17.90 €
    The incredibly cool banner is made of fabric. The banner fits nic...
  • Wild West - wall flag

    Wild West - wall flag

    8.90 €
    This super cool flag is perfect for all Wild West parties and cow...
  • Bullet hole stickers, 4 pc

    Bullet hole stickers, 4 pc

    1.90 €
    4 pc bullet holes: 1 big one (7 x 7 cm) and 3 smaller (4,5 x 4,5 ...
  • Western Water pistol

    Western Water pistol

    4.90 €
    A cool black/brown handgun for cowboys and cowgirls as well as a ...
  • Cowboy revolver, silver-coloured

    Cowboy revolver, silver-coloured

    4.90 €
    A beautiful handgun of the Wild West. This silver-coloured gun is...
  • Revolver Jerry

    Revolver Jerry

    5.90 €
    A cool and necessary weapon for a sheriff as well as cowboys, cow...

    Out of stock

  • Ammunition belt 1

    Ammunition belt 1

    2.50 €
    Two cool ammo belts in plastic. With velcro fastening.  The ammun...
  • Ammunition belt 2

    Ammunition belt 2

    9.90 €
    A cool ammo belt in plastic. 60 bullets. The ammunition belt is s...
  • Ammunition belt 3

    Ammunition belt 3

    16.90 €
    A stunning ammo belt in plastic. 96 bullets. The ammunition belt ...
  • Ball & chain DELUXE for prisoner

    Ball & chain DELUXE for prisoner

    12.90 €
    A super cool steely grey ball and chain looks realistic. With thi...
  • Tomahawk, 2 pc

    Tomahawk, 2 pc

    4.90 €
    2 neat native indian axes in plastic with feather trim. The model...
  • Deluxe Tomahawk

    Deluxe Tomahawk

    6.90 €
    Really great-looking Indian war axe that is guaranteed to scare t...
  • Indian spear

    Indian spear

    8.90 €
    The spear is one of the earliest weapons, what man had. It is the...
  • Spear, 142 cm

    Spear, 142 cm

    7.90 €
    A cool spear with a silver-coloured spearhead suit many character...
  • Arrow through the head

    Arrow through the head

    2.80 €
    "Geronimo!" This fine plastic arrow has in the middle a "head dia...
  • Deluxe Bow with 3 arrows

    Deluxe Bow with 3 arrows

    24.90 €
    This cool bow set looks amazingly realistic. It is great for an I...

    Out of stock

  • Bow with 3 arrows

    Bow with 3 arrows

    16.90 €
    This cool bow set looks amazingly realistic. It is great for an I...
  • Moonglow Bracelet

    Moonglow Bracelet

    6.50 €
    A beautiful bracelet with different pearls in four rows for Nativ...
  • Sioux necklace

    Sioux necklace

    9.90 €
    A cool short choker necklace with different kinds of beads (oblon...
  • Apache necklace

    Apache necklace

    24.90 €
    A stunning, chest-covering necklace with different kinds of beads...
  • Moonlight Bead Belt

    Moonlight Bead Belt

    9.90 €
    A beautiful belt with different kinds of beads in three rows. Bea...
  • Firewater hip flask

    Firewater hip flask

    5.50 €
    A hip flask in plastic with a screw cap. The fringed velour bag i...
  • Wild West set

    Wild West set

    Special Price 19.90 €

    Regular Price: 24.10 €

    Jiihaa! Here is a great Wild West set to get yourself quickly cha...
    On Sale
  • Cowboy spurs, 2 pc

    Cowboy spurs, 2 pc

    4.90 €
    2 beautiful spurs for cowboy boots. Made of silver-coloured plast...
  • Maiden headgear

    Maiden headgear

    3.90 €
    A sweet white little hat for tavern girls and all old-fashioned m...
  • Wagongirl's hat

    Wagongirl's hat

    6.90 €
    A cute white hat for a beauty of The Wild West, a wagon girl and ...
  • Prisoner hat

    Prisoner hat

    3.50 €
    This black and white striped prisoner hat in fabric is really wel...
  • Western Bolo Tie

    Western Bolo Tie

    6.90 €
    A supercool Bolo tie "Bull's head" for all stylish cowboys, a she...
  • Satin colonel tie

    Satin colonel tie

    2.50 €
    A cool black colonel bow tie for the most stylish sheriff of the ...
  • Bandana scarf

    Bandana scarf

    3.50 €
    This bright red bandana scarf with cashmere pattern is perfect fo...
  • Indian feathers

    Indian feathers

    2.50 €
    12 pc Indian feathers in different colours and in length ca. 23-2...
  • Deluxe Warbonnet

    Deluxe Warbonnet

    31.90 €
    A really stunning feather war bonnet for a big Native American In...
  • Minipang - Indian feather headgear

    Minipang - Indian feather headgear

    5.90 €
    A really cool feather headgear - a smaller warbonnet - for all th...
  • Sitting Bull Warbonnet

    Sitting Bull Warbonnet

    8.90 €
    A stunning feather war bonnet in colours of black, white and red....
  • Oscar's straw hat

    Oscar's straw hat

    4.50 €
    Oscar's straw hat fits nicely for walking on the beach, the woods...
  • Mini stetson Savannah

    Mini stetson Savannah

    5.90 €
    This really cute, black ministetson is great as a hair decoration...
  • Felt stetson, red

    Felt stetson, red

    7.90 €
    A stunning red cowboy stetson hat in felt for all cowgirls in the...
  • Felt stetson, white

    Felt stetson, white

    7.90 €
    A classic and always stylish white cowboy stetson hat in felt for...

    Out of stock

  • Texas Stetson, felt

    Texas Stetson, felt

    6.90 €
    A cool black stetson hat in soft felt with a white/purple trim an...
  • Indy Stetson Hat

    Indy Stetson Hat

    12.90 €
    A cool brown stetson hat for all brave cowboys and cowgirls in th...
  • Pedro's Sombrero

    Pedro's Sombrero

    9.90 €
    This big straw sombrero in the Mexican style is great for hot con...
  • Humberto's Sombrero

    Humberto's Sombrero

    6.90 €
    Ay, Caramba! What would Pedro, Miguel and many other Mexicans be ...
  • Catherine XTPRO wig

    Catherine XTPRO wig

    From 19.90 €
    This Victorian wig makes a perfect addition to any period costume...
  • Darlene wig

    Darlene wig

    From 15.90 €
    Cher has it, Taylor Swift has it, Adrienne Baillon has it, heck, ...
  • Veronica XTPRO wig

    Veronica XTPRO wig

    From 19.90 €
    This fabulous, long wig suits many different styles. Check our ha...
  • Patricia wig

    Patricia wig

    From 19.90 €
    A voluminous wig with bangs and long hair on the sides. Other hai...
  • Kiowa wig

    Kiowa wig

    15.90 €
    Long, black ponytails for an native American indian man or prince...
  • Squaw wig

    Squaw wig

    15.90 €
    Long, black, lovely plaits for an Indian beauty (would also suit ...
  • Amelia / Ozzy / Hippie wig

    Amelia / Ozzy / Hippie wig

    9.90 €
    A long, black wig with a centre parting. Also great for Ozzy Osbo...
  • Sioux XTPRO wig

    Sioux XTPRO wig

    14.90 €
    Black, straight wig for an Indian hunk. A great wig also for a hi...
  • Mohawk, black

    Mohawk, black

    5.90 €
    A mohawk hairpiece that is attached on top of the head with small...
  • Frankie XTPRO wig

    Frankie XTPRO wig

    From 16.90 €
    A lightly wavy mullet wig with a mullet. Great for 70's - 80's, r...
  • Cowgirl


    From 29.90 €
    This cool costume is great for all the brave cowgirls in the Wild...
  • Sunflower the Indian girl

    Sunflower the Indian girl

    From 29.90 €
    This Native American Indian dress is perfect for the Wild West ev...
  • Pawnee the Indian Girl

    Pawnee the Indian Girl

    From 34.90 €
    A beautiful costume for native American girls: a dress, an apron,...
  • Moonlight Squaw Girl

    Moonlight Squaw Girl

    From 26.90 €
    This perfect Indian dress for a native American princess includes...
  • Cheyenne Indian Girl

    Cheyenne Indian Girl

    From 24.90 €
    A neat fringed dress with ribbon decorations, a belt and a head s...
  • Sheriff's outfit for kids

    Sheriff's outfit for kids

    From 29.90 €
    A fabulous Wild West sheriff's costume: a long coat with a should...
  • Billy the Kid

    Billy the Kid

    From 26.50 €
    A neat costume for a Western boy. Includes a dark brown vest and ...
  • Mohawk the Indian boy

    Mohawk the Indian boy

    29.90 €
    This Native American Indian costume is perfect for the Wild West ...
  • Cherokee Boy

    Cherokee Boy

    From 49.90 €
    A fabulous costume for the wild Native American boys of the Chero...
  • Sitting Bull - Native American costume for boys

    Sitting Bull - Native American costume for boys

    From 26.90 €
    This super cool indian costume includes a fringed shirt and trous...
  • Navajo Boy

    Navajo Boy

    From 34.90 €
    A Native American costume for boys. This cool indian fancy dress ...
  • Apache shirt for children

    Apache shirt for children

    From 19.90 €
    A fringed shirt and a head sash for the Native American look. The...
  • Prairie Lady

    Prairie Lady

    29.90 €
    A charming long white/black checkered dress with beautiful cuts. ...
  • Waggon Lady

    Waggon Lady

    49.90 €
    An attractive long frill dress. The collar and cuffs with lace tr...
  • Lady Prisoner

    Lady Prisoner

    From 17.90 €
    A neat black and white striped mini dress and a hat for a pretty ...
  • Jailbirdie


    From 27.90 €
    An awesome black/white striped costume for a pretty jailbird: a d...
  • Western Cowgirl dress

    Western Cowgirl dress

    From 35.50 €
    An awesome costume for Annie Oakley (Annie Get Your Gun) and othe...

Items 1 to 96 of 126 total

  1. 1
  2. 2

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